The Kenyan Cultural Centre Spaces & Platforms

The Kenya National Theatre

Live Musical Concerts
Physical Theatre
Dance and Movement.

Is the premier best known Space and Platform at The Kenya Cultural Centre. Built in late 1940s and opened in March 1951, KNT aka “The Shrine" as it is fondly known, is the largest proscenium theatre space in Kenya.

KNT boasts multiple spaces for diverse creative processes and performance presentations covering Drama, Live Musical Concerts, Physical Theatre, Images Projection, Dance and Movement.

In-built excellent facilities comprise a 345-seater modern auditorium (Stalls 278; Balcony 67 seats), a 9 by 10 meters’ proscenium performance Stage, 4 fully equipped performers' backstage Changing Rooms with a Wardrobe Room, a Modern Kitted Dance Studio, 3 Rehearsal Spaces, 2 Seminar/Discussion Rooms, Double Freshen-Up Shower Rooms and 2 Kitchenettes.

A redesigned Bar and Restaurant facilities inclusive of 2 Extended Side Balconies covers the first floor landing next to the upstairs VIP auditorium sitting enclave. "The Shrine" is further fitted with modern Lighting and Sound equipment capable of meeting creative expectations of diverse technical design imperatives for various genres of live Stage presentations.

A direct main supply line grid Electric Power Transformer; a 400KVA Automatic Standby Power Generator; a 49, 000 litres Water Tank and a detached Public Washroom Block have all been fitted to provide the theatre with reliable support amenities.

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