• State-of-the-art Facility

    Refurbished Theatre

    • 345 sitting capacity
    • air conditioned environment
    • rehearsal green rooms
    • super lighting system
  • Welcome To The Kenya Cultural Centre

    We promote and develop expressive culture

  • the beat

    We feel it deep within.

  • We move to the beat

    We feel it deep within.


The Kenya Cultural Centre

The Kenya Cultural Centre was founded in 1952. It is a semi autonomous government agency under the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts in Kenya....

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Our Soul & Heritage

We are recipients of our past from our forefathers comes our sense of self.
The cradle of the human spirit, feed it and give it room for expression.



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Venue Descriptions

National Theatre

Main Auditorium

345 Persons

Ukumbi Mdogo


150 Persons

Cheche Gallery

Visual arts gallery

70 Persons

Mugumo Courtyard

2000 Persons


Outdoor Space

Outdoor Events

Dance Studio

30 Persons

Choreography Space


The choreography was well thought out and appropriate for the level of participants.I thought the session was great and the everyone really enjoyed it.
Thank you for your outstanding services!
I love the warm family feel of the whole place. Everyone is so friendly. You are get top quality services while at the same time making lifelong relationships.
I highly recommend Kenya Cultural Centre to everyone I know!

Our Partners

Phone: 0724 033 144 / 020 2672843
Email: info@kenyaculturalcentre.go.ke or booking@kenyaculturalcentre.go.ke
P.O. Box 43031
Harry Thuku Rd, Nairobi, Kenya.