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SARAFINA - Kenya’s favourite musical SARAFINA is coming to Kenya National Theatre this July!!! Starring @Brenda Wairimu as Safarina, Mkamzee Mwatela as Teacher Mary Masembuko and directed by award-winning British director, Stuart Nash who brought the celebrated productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and Grease to the National Theatre stage last year, SARAFINA is sure to be THE event of 2018!!! More cast and ticket details will be posted soon… watch this space… for details call 0795 715200/0799 864054. ALSO BOOK THE EVENT USING THIS LINKS

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About The Event

Event Organiser - Legacy Arts and Film Lab

STRANGE VOICES - STRANGE VOICES looks at the social pressures to go back to the abusive marriage. The stigma that faces divorced persons, ridicule from family and friends and the psychological war on what is socially acceptable and what's right for the abused. The play looks at the struggles through the separation, attempts to reconcile and the place of the child in the marriage. It brings out at all the voices, the challenges, the new pressures and freedoms. The search for oneself, for God, for solace and the emptiness and loneliness that comes with divorce. Zippy's acting as one woman play is so real one can actually feel the presence of the other characters. It is an emotional journey on stage like never before. The story fuses drama and music in an emotional journey that takes everyone into a thought of: "If she were your sister, daughter, mother, would you still hate divorce? " Divorce is death. Marriage is life. Divorce is emptiness, loneliness. Divorce is ridicule, stigma Divorce is madness, Divorcees are outcast. Divorce is death. To live again is a rebirth. Tickets ... MPESA Till Number - 510255 Advance - 1000 Kshs (per person) Gate - 1500 Kshs (per person)

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