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The Kenya Cultural Centre was founded in 1952. It is a semi autonomous government agency under the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts in Kenya....

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Attn: EDITORS GOVERNMENT LAUNCHES "WORK FOR PAY" KES 100 MILLION ARTISTS STIMULUS PACKAGE The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage has this morning launched the "Work For Pay" Kshs. 100 million stimulus package for artistes, actors and musicians at the Kenya Cultural Centre. This is in line with the Executive Order issued by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta on 6th April 2020, directing the Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund to avail Kshs. 100 million to cushion those in the creative industry during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds will be distributed through a campaign dubbed ‘TOGETHER AT HOME’ spearheaded by several Government Agencies and Departments, as stipulated by the Regulations establishing the Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund. Artists from different creative sectors will be required to produce works that entertain and educate Kenyans and the world on the safety and health precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19. These artistic productions will be carried through various assets set up by the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage such as "KULTURE TV" and other collaborative media outlets. “This campaign will use entertainment to centralise three crucial aspects of our society: the importance of new avenues for work, creative community education and sustained mental well-being for all Kenyans during this period. The Kshs. 100m is therefore not a reservoir of free funds, but a provision to educate, innovate, sustain and improve our output as a sector. The objective is to continue developing and nurturing talent to ensure that the sector remains a significant contributor to our economy post-COVID.” said CS Amina Mohamed during the launch. This project will supplement Government’s efforts in combating COVID-19 and its effects by engaging and mobilizing the cultural and creative artists in strategic messaging on behavior change to flatten the coronavirus transmission curve including, but not limited to social distancing, hand washing and wearing personal protective equipment such as masks. This is in line with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. Artists will also carry messaging to encourage mental well-being and influence positive behavior to address the increased cases of domestic violence and other social issues. It is estimated that the program will directly benefit over 20,000 Musicians, Actors and Artists from all 47 Counties and over 80,000 additional persons from the beneficiaries’ households, 30% of whom being vulnerable groups and persons living with disabilities. “This program will touch as many areas of the cultural creative industry with measurable ripple effects as possible,” added CS Amina Mohamed. The Ministry further reiterates Government’s support for the creative sector, which was poised to contribute over Kshs.165 Billion to the GDP this year. It is anticipated that the implementation of these projects will take 3 months starting from May to July 2020. The following Government Agencies will roll out and supervise the implementation of the Programme coordinated by the administrative arm of the Ministry with direct reports to the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage and Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication, Technology and Youth: • Department of Culture • Kenya Cultural Centre. • National Museums of Kenya • Kenya Film Commission • Permanent Presidential Music Commission The criteria for engagement will be released immediately by the Heads of these Agencies and Departments. A public portal highlighting the projects will be maintained on the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage Website and a mobile phone application created to distribute content. This program will be rolled out to the public starting today and will last until July, 2020. Issued at the Kenya Cultural Centre, Nairobi Amb. (Dr.) Amina C. Mohamed, EGH, CAV CABINET SECRETARY (Behavior : Scroll)

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The choreography was well thought out and appropriate for the level of participants.I thought the session was great and the everyone really enjoyed it.
Thank you for your outstanding services!
I love the warm family feel of the whole place. Everyone is so friendly. You are get top quality services while at the same time making lifelong relationships.
I highly recommend Kenya Cultural Centre to everyone I know!

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